Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Here are a list of questions with answers regarding our products. If you have a question that is not listed here or you are still unsure of something, feel free to contact us.

Where to get Koyoko batteries and products?

All Koyoko batteries are NOT recommended to purchase online. Koyoko is not responsible for warranty of online purchased batteries.

Koyoko original batteries can be get from your nearest authorized workshops, check your nearest workshops here.

What is the different between G2 and G3 ?

G2: LED Intelligent Panel.
Provide a simple & user-friendly indication to user, to indicate the battery condition.

G3: Digital Intelligent Panel.
It provides:
a. Voltage of the battery.
b. Days of usage after installation into motorcycle.
c. Battery able to alert user when battery voltage is below 12V, the built-in buzzer will sound “beap, beep,..”

Is this a maintenance free (mf) type battery ?

a. Yes, it is MF type.

b. However, this battery provides an option for those users like to prolong their battery life span. You could open the lid cover and add in battery water or battery acid (approx. 10 ml) to each slot, every 8-12 months. This is to ensure the gel is in tip top condition and continue to provide its best performance.

Do we need to fill in any battery acid or battery water before installation to the motorcycle ?

a. It is plug & play product. Not require to fill in any acid and battery water. It is a fully charged and can be installed anytime.

b. However, it is recommended to measure the battery voltage before installation to confirm the battery is in excellent condition. It is considered excellent mode if the battery voltage stand at 12.5V or higher.

c. If the voltage below 12.5V, then charge the battery using the normal motorcycle battery charger for approximately 2 hours. If the charger is a manual setting, then set as below:

  • Voltage(V): 13V-15V
  • Ampere(A): 0.8A – 1.2A

What are the advantages of this koyoko gel-battery with the new nano technology ?

a. It is a PLUG & PLAY product. No preparation work required.

b. The ONLY 1 motorcycle battery in Malaysia able to provide the consumer a 180-DAY WARRANTY.

c. Highly Safety – no worry on the leakage of battery acid/water.

Why the motorcycle battery is not lasting as car battery in most of the cases ?

a. The life span of motorcycle battery is relatively shorter than car battery in general. This is mainly due to the motorcycle is meant for short distances, therefore the battery is not having a good opportunity to get re-charged during on the road. In other words, most of the time the battery storage electricity is used but not fully re-charged, thus the battery storage will be exhausted very soon and “dead” eventually.

Why sometimes the newly installed battery faulty or malfunction after few days or weeks ?

a. There are 4 major possible causes:

  • The battery itself defective once out from manufacturing. However, the quality is well maintained above 99.95%. It means approx. 5 pcs. or less battery will be faulty out of 1000 pcs. produced.
  • There is a minor physical shock due to handling process when load/unload from the truck/lorry during transportation. It causes the battery positive plate and negative plate disconnect; and the battery cannot be re-charged during motorcycle is running.
  • The motorcycle user driving habits also play an important role on the battery lifespan. For instance:
    1. The brake pedal is always been pressed and the brake light is always being activated.
    2. Users only use the motorcycle in very short distance daily (example less than 5 minutes/trip).
    3. Where the battery is not fully re-charged in such short period of time.
  • The motorcycle charging system may have some problems. Such as:
    1. The rectifier or coil is not working well or consistently.
    2. The quality of the rectifier is an important part to ensure the battery is lasting. It should able not to over-charge the battery.

How to locate the KOYOKO agent/dealers nearby my area?

You may click on DEALERS (at the Home page) and search accordingly. Or using KOYOKO APP (available for Apple Store, Play Store & Huawei Gallery). Click on “OUR DEALER”. The dealers nearby you will pop up automatically, and you could click “To here” and GPS will bring you there.

How to find out the battery model (size) which fit to my motorcycle?

Download KOYOKO APP (available for Apple Store, Play Store & Huawei Gallery). Search in “BATTERY APPLICATION”. Just simply key in the motorcycle manufacturer and model, the relevant battery model will pop up instantly.